Thursday, 6 January 2011

For My First Post of The New Year...

Some breakbeats by DJ RX78. I'm really feeling the Mechagodzilla breakbeat, and lawd ha' mercy! the G-Gundam mix is hot! (ETA: the stabbing horns the DJ puts together are hot, the tune as a whole got a little repetitive) Got me going through Youtube for the original tune. The horn that comes in at around 00:49 reminds me of The Fist of the North Star soundtrack, with all its bromance and melodrama.

I don't even really remember how I stumbled onto DJ RX78's music. I was probably doing something inappropriate...

Actually, because I've waaay too much time on my hands. I went back through my web history. It seems I was in the mood for some funk and got down to this tune on Youtube:

Which led me to a tune by a relatively big name in bboying, DJ Renegade, posted by some fellow called btunes72, who has a plethora of bboying tunes uploaded to Youtube. I sampled a few and came across these tunes, which due to nerdstalgia I must have liked so much that I decided to look this fellow RX78 up.

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