Saturday, 31 October 2009

A cypher

Watched these cyphers from BET and I was, for a moment, excited about hip hop again.

The first joint is just ridiculous, Black Thought and Eminem especially lay it down. Eminem kills it. He was cyphering like he was possessed. However his content just doesn't really touch me anymore. He's still rapping about drugs, and making rape gags.  It's like I have to admire his skill and let his flow run through my mind, without really analysing what he's saying. KRS1 is a dad-burned beast in the second, and I believe he was the only one to have cyphered straight from the "top of the dome", as in spontaneously.


  1. Eminem was something but Mos Def was Most Definitely bringing it as well...hell, he's from my hometown so you know I gotta give him props, and he started naming all the streets in Brooklyn like a true BK Head. Straight up old school dope (-:

  2. I dunno man, I loved that he was having fun. In fact I was having fun, because he was having fun. His technical skill is of course beyond question. Of the three however I just felt him the least.

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